Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Winter's Hold

The snow is falling outside right now. A soft blanket envelopes the grassy areas and the cars parked at my work look like frosted cakes all lined up at a bakery. Here it is April 17 and there is 3 inches of snow and more to come overnight. Sigh! I have to keep my perspective that this is water for my garden, That nature knows when it's time to wake from its cold long winter's sleep.  Like a kid on Christmas day, I want to open my garden early so I can play in the yard. But living in Colorado you never know what the weather will bring. Just 2 weeks ago I was outside trimming back dead flowers and spotting where the new patio will be. Now it's nothing but white. So I wait with an anxious heart, appreciating the much needed snowfall for the summer days ahead. This year will be different due to the draught situation here in Colorado. I plan to create spaces that use the water carefully and less often. More patio space and less annuals. With only two days to water during the week, I will need to be vigilant to tend to the health of my trees.

Normally I have 10 to 15 pots filled and overflowing of beautiful flowers. This year...not so much. No pots of flowers, just whatever seed comes up on its own will be allowed to flourish. Planning and moving sprinklers to best distribute water will be on my list of things to do. From rainbirds to drip and minimal sprinklers. This year will be different. Our front yard is xeriscaped to conserve water already, now the back must be transformed into a beautiful spot that mirrors the front. As I step up to this new challenge I will post pictures of my progress. So here i sit at the drawing board, pencil in hand with some new ideas.