Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some Free Health Videos

Please check out this set of Youtube videos for some AMAZING natural remedies that really work. I tried the grated ginger root on my ankles and was amazed at how the swelling went down.

Barbara O'neill has so much knowledge about how our bodies work and what we "should" be eating to promote health and vitality.

Our bodies are "Chemistry Labs," and what we put into them makes all the difference in the world on how we feel and how much energy that we have. We here in America are spending big bucks to be sick. That's right, you heard me, we are spending thousands of dollars every month not knowing that what we eat is causing our health to fail. Educate yourself today with the knowledge that will heal your body and get you off of all kinds of expensive medications.  Would you eat arsenic, knowing that it's pure poison to your body? Of course not, that would be craziness, yet you eat sugar which in reality is a sweet acid that is feeding cancer and all types of diseases in your body.

I have decided to be a guinea pig for my own health. I'm on a journey to heal some chronic inflammation around my heart and throughout my body by eliminating 7 foods for 21 days to learn what food is triggering this inflammation. So far I'm on day 16 and feeling pretty good. Here are the 7 foods that I have cut out that typically bring on the most intolerance's to our bodies.

Are you ready?

Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners

In 5 days I will re-introduce one item in the list and I will know in 30 minutes if I have an intolerance to the food if I get bloating, gas or cramps even in the slightest amount. If I do then out it goes, if not, then I will wait another 7 days to re-introduce another food from the list to see and so on down the list. I will post periodically my results and hope that you will try this too if you are having issues as well. In my next post I will have a "test" for you to do. It will help you to define what may be causing your own health issues.

So you might be asking yourself right now, because I get this all the time, "So what DO you eat?" I will also cover that in posts to come. Trust me. I love food and I'm not starving, but I have lost 5lbs in 15 days.