Wednesday, March 6, 2013

As the Garden Sleeps

Here it is March and the recent snow blankets our garden covering the dry, brown grass flowing over flower beds, once filled with lush foliage and colorful flowers.  I sigh a long drawn out sigh that in my garden language means, "hurry up spring!" I must be patient and think of ways to not look outside and be reminded that there are still 2 more months of freezing temperatures and blankets of snow to come. On the bright side, I thank God for the much needed moisture for the season ahead. No water restrictions here in Colorado means that I can plant lots of flowers, move plants and create more cubbies of beautiful spaces to enjoy. In the mean time I'm looking for garden art at the local second hand stores and planning the new renovation that will come this year. 

There are many steps to this new renovation that must take place before any ground can be moved to accommodate my new ideas, so with pencil, eraser and paper in hand, I begin to sketch out the new plans for the yard. Sprinklers must be moved or changed, rocks piled away from soil that needs to be moved. More soil needs to be brought in, plants need to be moved. Once all of this is done, then the timbers can be laid and secured in place and the new privacy wall installed. Living in the city means that your neighbors can get a birds eye view of everything that you do, so the goal is to limit this view as much as possible without putting up a giant curtain all the way around our yard like I have sworn to when I see my neighbor glancing at me wandering what I'm up to now.. 

At one time we were thinking of creating a deeper and larger pond to accommodate our 13 fish that all have names. They are fun to feed by hand and watch as they swim looking for tiny tidbits to feed on. I don't know what it is about watching fish in our pond that is so peaceful to me. Maybe it's only me, but I enjoy their graceful laps around the pond that seem so effortless. We decided not to increase their habitat since we are thinking of moving to the country some day soon, so just the patio around the pond will be increased to move the swing into a more private setting and a new privacy wall erected to block the view of our neighbors.

I will take some pictures as the work progresses, so that you can see what changes that are made in our garden. Right now it will all be on paper so that my husband can prepare what supplies he needs to get things going. Today we purchased a new hook so I can hang my garden apron on, my kneeling pad and maybe a hat on. Buying these small things makes my heart glad to know that spring is close and soon my hands will be dirty and my heart full.

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