Monday, June 25, 2012

A Garden Party

Momma Robin
Baby Robin
Today is the day for my first ever garden party. Oh I've hosted lots of parties over the years, but never a "Garden Party." So preparations have begun to primp and fuss, shop and prepare for 20 or so ladies from my work to just come and relax and enjoy my beautiful garden. The only issues are the fires burning near our city and the 99 degree weather on top of that. I feel a little guilty hosting a party while so much land is being consumed by fire. The wind has shifted away from our house so there is no smoke, but just knowing that homes are threaten can be stressful.  The fires have been burning for three days now and have consumed over 3400 acres! By a miracle of God, no doubt, no homes or structures have been burned or lives lost, so the decision to carry on with the party is a "yes."  We will gather and chat, eat some yummy desserts and enjoy the beauty around us. There are 4 baby robins ready to come out of their nest that is right over the patio door where everyone will be going in and out. This is the second brood of the season to our delight, but their timing and placement of nest is not. I love birds and invite them to my garden with several birdbaths, bird feeders and a quiet garden to raise a family, so why wouldn't they take full advantage of such a peaceful home? If I lived on acreage our land would be called "Robin Acres," for the many broods that have been raised here. So we will see if they interrupt our party or become the guests of honor tonight. So many beautiful flowers are blooming and the lights are hung in the expansive maple to twinkle as the sun goes down. I will post pictures and update in the next few days so in the meantime we would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for the men and women who are working so hard to put out the surrounding fires and to keep people safe.

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