Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gardens! Such beauty. Need I say more? Absolutely! This is the beginning of something that I have been passionate about for many years and decided to convert an old blog into what really stirs my heart, gardening! My husband has nicknamed me "his little bumblebee" because I go from plant to plant in my garden, pruning, tending fussing and primping until all is well. I move with speed as I waste no time creating a peaceful haven for humans and wildlife to come and "rest" or "nest" in a yard filled with color and texture from end to end. Whether I have a postage stamp size patio space or 5 acres of land, you can bet I will create gardens and wildlife habitats just as if it were a painter's canvas. Which by the way, I am an artist who paints. So let's venture on this journey together. Share you ideas on what's made your "nest" work or what hasn't. Maybe between us all we can create those special places for others and ourselves to find rest and contentment in our own backyards.

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