Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Messy Gardens

June is here and as I look around my garden I find the beds are out of control. A little too much heat, a little too much vacation time, a little summertime laziness and suddenly the beds are a mess. Reminds me a lot of life. So often a little unintentional neglect in relationships or circumstances can result in areas of our lives spinning out of control.
So how do we restore order in our lives? I think it's just like we do in our garden beds, by getting down on our knees, pulling out the weeds, trimming and shaping things we've let get overgrown, and investing some quality time nurturing what we care about. Maybe it's shifting priorities, de-cluttering our homes, or taking time to reconnect with friends and family. Whether it's in the garden or in life, the same principles seem to work. Get rid of the unnecessary, organize the necessary, and most importantly, nurture what we care about. Of course the restoration process always requires hard work, patience, and tenacity, but the end results are always worth it. 

A Summer Poem 
By Annie Stevens

Porch swings
painted flower pots
hot afternoons  
the Robin sings 
Summer rain
barefoot walks
children's giggles 
backyard talks
Family visits
iced tea and scones
fresh mowed yards
long walks home 
Scents of flowers
summer romance
lights hung in trees
as couple's dance
Hard work all Spring
dirty nails, calloused knees 
worth every moment 
to dance underneath those trees.

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