Friday, June 15, 2012

Since moving from Southern Oregon to Colorado back in 2006, I've learned a whole new way to garden. Oregon had four seasons that lasted four months. Colorado has maybe three seasons, cold, wintery and the last one being, you might need your heat and air conditioning in the same day! While I love the mountains and the nature, I'm not fond of the winters. I was born on a warm day in January in Southern California, so I'm definitely a sun-baby. So why do I live in Colorado Springs, you ask? Well...that's a story in itself, and some day I will tell that story, or you can read it in my book; "Out of the Miry Clay." For now we will focus on the present and the fact that I am here and will be here for a few more years until everything aligns for us to move to either Kauai, or Oregon. Since gardening is a passion of mine and I love to share about it and to hear your gardening stories please feel free to leave a comment or share your thoughts on anything I write. For now here are a few pics that I wanted to post.

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